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OAS and Rotary Clubs of Central America and the United States Partner to Promote Employability of at-risk Returned Migrants

While the OAS is under fire for those comments, the organization and Rotary Clubs of Central America and the United States have agreed to promote partnerships with the private sector to train and promote the employability of at-risk returned migrants and internally displaced youth. An OAS release says that these partnerships are within the framework of the Regional Integrated Framework for Protection and Solutions. OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro welcomed this new initiative aimed at providing economic opportunities to a key sector of the Central American population. For his part, the Governor of Rotary District 4250, Belize’s Orlando Burns said the signing of the agreement creates a “strategic alliance” to provide economic solutions for vulnerable populations. He added (quote) “Rotarians have a long history of facilitating strategic alliances between public, private and civil society organizations for the development of innovative initiatives. We have long forged real and lasting solutions to support needy communities and we have been providing a better future for at-risk youth in our communities” (End quote). With this partnership Rotary Belize will have access to financial and technical assistance to undertake projects aimed at preventing mass migration and helping young people at the same time. The initiative will be implemented first in Guatemala and then extended to other Central American countries.