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OAS Approves Declaration on Belize’s and Guatemala’s Efforts at Peace

The 46th General Assembly of the Organization of American States is currently underway in Santo Domingo with representatives from all its member states.  During this meeting, an approval was given on a declaration of support for Belize and Guatemala in their ongoing efforts to find a peaceful solution to the border dispute.  The details of the declaration have not been issued just yet.  Belize is being represented by its Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington who spoke at the assembly saying that our country is working with Guatemala to see that this matter is resolved successfully at the International Court of Justice at the quickest time and to ensure that between now and then that there is peace between the people of both countries.  According to an online report, Guatemala’s Foreign Minister harped on the role played by the OAS in this insular and maritime dispute and noted, quote, ““The OAS, with the financial assistance from the international community, maintains an important office in the adjacency zone between the two countries, promoting peace, culture and confidence between people of both countries and governments.  And recently, it has helped us develop local economic projects in the communities along the adjacency zone. Guatemala and Belize have reaffirmed their commitment to resolve their dispute in a definitive manner at the ICJ.”  Both Foreign Ministers will be meeting in another round of negotiations on June 21 where the work in formulating a mechanism as was agreed to in Istanbul, Turkey, will begin.  Love News has learnt that the opposition was invited to the OAS meetings but with Senator Eamon Courtenay unable to attend and Lisa Shoman agreeing to go in his place, the Government of Belize reportedly disinvited the opposition.  The General Assembly meeting began last Friday and concludes tonight with a closing session.