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OAS depending on sister countries for funding

Beginning of the year we learnt about the depleting funds of the OAS. They will be forced to seize operations and close down if they do not meet the necessary funds of about two hundred thousand dollars by August. While the OAS office is crucial in Belize at this time Belize and Guatemala are advised to not donate funding to the OAS since the two countries are in dispute.  Chief of the OAS Peace Funds of the OAS Magdalena Talamas spoke of how important is it they receiving funding.

“You see how valuable this project is, you see how the impact that it has had and when we close the office this project will be gone. Here in Benque, Arenal, Halacte this project and the many other projects that we have done. We are working hard to get the funding, we are confident that the international community will come through and we will continue to support any initiative that is directed at ensuring that that happens.”

Talamas added that they are remaining positive and believe that the sister countries will provide the necessary funding.