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OAS Peace Fund Hosts Cultural Event in Presence of SG

The Organization of American States held a cultural event at the OAS Adjacency Zone office located at the border of Belize and Guatemala. The aim of the program is to promote peace between both countries. A number of presentations were held including songs, dance and folkloric performances. The theme under which the event was held is, “Promoting a Culture of Peace”. Chief of the OAS Peace Fund is Magdalena Talamas who spoke about the importance of having the two countries participate in such an event.


“The program was launched in 2009 to bring students from both sides of the adjacency line under one roof to partake in different workshops but more than trying to develop talent or more vocational skills but to promote universal values, tolerance and brotherhood and good neighborliness and this specific program today was organized to honor the secretary general of the OAS who is the first and only secretary general to have visited the adjacency zone so this is a very special occasion for us.”

Secretary General of the OAS His Excellency Luis Leonardo Almagro is the first Secretary General of the OAS to visit Belize. He spoke about the message behind the event and how events like as these should help the two countries.


“It’s something so powerful to have something like this. Their paintings, their music, their proximity, the warmth of the people we have felt today. There is also an important message that peace belongs to the people. They should never allow any politician, diplomat to steal peace from them, it belongs to the people and should remain with the people and should remain strong with the people. So all that we have seen today is so powerful and is one of the works that the organization does on the ground that really means something. It means a lot about what we can achieve together and what people from the Caribbean, Central America, Latin America can do together.”

Attending the event was Governor General of Belize His Excellency Sir Colville Young, Taiwanese Ambassador, His Excellency Benjamin Ho, and Mexican Ambassador, His Excellency Carlos Quesnel.