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OAS Intervention Will Only Seek to Verify Location of the Shooting

So, the Belizean authorities have asked for the intervention of the Organization of American States in verifying the location of the shooting incident that occurred yesterday.  Earlier this morning, just after ten o’clock, the media was able to meet with the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro and that question of the OAS’ involvement in yesterday’s fatal shooting was posed to him.  Here is how Almagro responded.


“We have a problem there that we need the countries to ask us to make the verification of this problem. We cannot go and assume the problem. Both countries have said that they will ask for our verification but we have not received any formal request about that yet. In any case we have said yes that in our improvised press conference that we have big concerns about incidents, or accidents like this. I don’t think they help in any way, I think after what we saw yesterday and how the project takes care of kids from seven years old, we have the feeling that we need more measures and more projects like the one we are implementing in the adjacency zone in order to keep the kids away from these kinds of problems. Our feeling is that it is more necessary than before, our feeling is that also it is very necessary that political states of Belize and Guatemala that the case should move ahead to the ICJ as soon as possible because this will clean all these problems up and will clear a path of solutions for these kinds of issues that are happening. So this is what we can say so far. We wish that we can be called for this verification.”

It is interesting to note that while there were six media houses in attendance at this morning’s press briefing, Secretary General Luis Almagro only allowed three questions.  Love News had tried to ask him about the continued incursions by Guatemalans despite years of the OAS being an intermediary between the two countries; is that indicative of Guatemala just giving lip service in wanting a peaceful resolution to the territorial differendum.