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OAS Sec Gen Supports Going to the ICJ

As we told you, Secretary General Almagro of the OAS met with the media this morning in the VIP Room at the Philip Goldson International Airport. The conference lasted for about seven minutes with the condition that he would only be taking three questions from the media.  One of the topics addressed was the issue of the International Court of Justice where Almagro spoke of both countries having to go through the democratic process of the referendum; adding that he would hope that it would result in Belize and Guatemala going to the ICJ.


“That is something that democratically the people of Belize have to decide. Of course you stand a better chance at winning when you surpass 50%; it’s a quite obvious mathematical question.  So that is a movement forward but I wish that when the moment of a referendum comes the positive response of the citizens here in Belize will be much higher than that in any case. We cannot precipitate about calling a referendum, a lot of education should be done but I think it will be very important that this movement is as soon as possible.”

Guatemala’s Congress is yet to give the nod on the amendment to the special agreement where it stated that both countries can go at separate times to a referendum whereas in the previous document, it had stated that the referendum was to be done simultaneously.