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OAS Secretary General comment on Belize’s 11 protocols to Guatemala

We recently learnt about Guatemala’s rejection to the list of eleven protocols that were shared between Guatemalan counterparts and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belize. The eleven protocols were to establish tranquility and peace between the two countries. Guatemala has out right rejected all the protocols and has referred back to a status quo which they claim says that Belize needs to request permission to enter or travel the Sarstoon River. Belize on the other hand, has reacted to that by stating that they are unaware of any status quo with Guatemala except for the status quo of the 1859 Treaty. With the OAS Secretary General His Excellency, Luis Leonardo Almagro present in Belize, the media asked him to comment on the issue of Guatemala’s response. His response was about focusing on the measurements that Belize has issued.

“I think both countries still have to work toward building confidence and building trust. We need to move forward in order to move in the direction of setting down a solution that can bring the case to the ICJ and that should be the top priority. To promote trusting measures between both countries to avoid accidents, to avoid any incident, to keep them in the mood of tranquility and relaxation and that is the main task that we should have on hand and everything should be built around that and with that purpose.”

Secretary General Luis Almagro’s visit to Belize included him meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington and the Prime Minister Rt. Honorable Dean Barrow.