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OAS Secretary General says “yes” to ICJ

Secretary General of the OAS, His Excellency Luis Leonardo Almagro is the first secretary general from the organization to visit Belize. While he is scheduled to speak with the media at a press conference tomorrow morning, Almagro spoke to us about his visit so far. He also weighed in on the matter of taking the ongoing dispute to the International Court of Justice.

“The official mission was this, to visit this project, to visit the office. Of Course they are some very relevant official meetings with the Prime Minister Barrow and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. We spoke about the practicalities of these processes, the judiciousness of this process and we have seen your authorities be very committed to what is necessary to achieve the steps to move forward with this process. So far we need the necessary movements to take this to the international court of justice, that will be the only place where this can be resolved.”

Secretary General His Excellency Luis Leonardo Almagro leaves Belize tomorrow.