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Ocean Ferry gets New Engines for Boats-post accident

Ocean Ferry Water Taxi made headlines two weeks ago, but not in a positive way. There was an explosion aboard Water Jets International boat that they were chartering. This incident took the lives of two little girls and injured their parents as well as several other tourists. Love News recently spoke with the director of Ocean Ferry, who spoke about the tragedy as well as told us about their updated boats.

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “The boat that was used during the time of the accident was not your boat, not your engine, not your crew, can you clarify that?”

Charles Young – Director of Ocean Ferry: “No that is 100% correct,it is not our boat, it is not our crew, it was from the Water Jets Company that we rented a private charter boat.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “The cause of the actual explosion with that rental, did you get any word from the Port Authority? I understand that they had said something?”

Charles Young – Director of Ocean Ferry: “Well they said it was due to the fumes from the boat and then when the last engine started is probably what caused it. We have three boats operating with three 225 Honda four stroke engines and we currently have about four more coming out that is going to be powered with the same horsepower but bigger boats also. As you can see we got some pictures and so on of those boats with our logo and everything which is different from what people are saying that is the Ocean Ferry boat. That is where we are going now with the Honda’s and our boats are powered by those. We go the normal route that everybody uses to go to Caye Caulker and San Pedro, then back to Belize City. That is our run but we only have a schedule that happens five times which starts at 8 AM down to the last one which is 5:30 PM throughout the day.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “And your procedure is to have the engine started prior to boarding?”

Charles Young – Director of Ocean Ferry: “Well first you see the problem why people don’t usually start the two-stroke engine like what the Water Jet has is because it lets go a lot of smoke due to the oil that they have to put into the engine but now we can do that with our four-stroke engines because they don’t carry that oil so you don’t have that smoke coming that people will be inhaling fumes from the boat especially on a hot day so we do start our engine before.

Ocean Ferry is still working with the affected family, but through their attorneys.