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Ocean Ferry had rented Water Jet boat for the day of the Accident

We also had a chance to speak to Charles Young, the Director of Ocean Ferry. He was on Caye Caulker when the incident happened but immediately returned to the City on Sunday. Young says that his group of investors had just assumed control of Ocean Ferry in March, 2019 and had just rented the water jet boat for the day.

Charles Young – Director Ocean Ferry: “We just took over this company since March. The company did not have any vessels operational so right now we are currently fixing them up so what I would normally do is rent a boat. Yesterday we managed to rent the Water Jets boat which is an internationally ran boat. It goes from Caye Caulker to San Pedro, check Customs, Immigration and Port Authority, then it goes to Chetumal. That is their run that they do and on his off days when he does not run then he offered it to charter so I charted him yesterday. It is locally owned now and they were about to close down I think and we just stepped in at the right time to take it over and now this incident.”

Jose Sanchez- Reporter: “So who is the owner, I thought it was a foreigner?”

Charles Young – Director Ocean Ferry: “We do have a foreign investor with us and then we also have myself and a couple of other locals. When we rented the boat from him he provided the captain and the deck hands for the boat. All we did was pay him and then he came to work for us for the day. We are communicating with him, as it is we flew out several people that were supposed to be Caye Caulker tourist and they just wanted to go back to the states so we flew all of them out and so far it was about eight of them that we know about that was injured and of course we have the two casualties that you know about that took place.”

Jose Sanchez- Reporter: “In terms of liability of responsibility, how do you share it being that it is your company people came to but it is a Water Jets boat?”

Charles Young – Director Ocean Ferry: “Well we have our legal team dealing with that stuff and like I said I don’t really know but we are working along with all the families including the people that unfortunately this thing happened to their daughters and we couldn’t get to them because they are in intensive care or something at the hospital but we got in contact with someone that was with them and of course we are trying our best to provide as much as we can help in any way. They gave us the clear to operate today and it is unfortunate that such a tragic accident happened and you know we are trying our best to just work with everyone to see how we can assist. Our operation usually always has our engines started before everyone gets on but yesterday he is his own captain and stuff, I was not here. Like I said we don’t have a manager for the terminal and it started when passengers were already on the boat and he said that usually he would do it that way.”

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