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Oceana’s Wavemaker Murdered in Broad Daylight

While investigators on the north side were following leads into Saturday’s homicide, members of the Eastern Division South were called out to a murder scene on Sunday afternoon.  26-year-old, Emmerson Skyers was shot to death just after one o’clock Sunday afternoon at the corner of Orange and West Streets in Belize City as he was at a Chinese shop making a purchase.  Inspector Cowo also gave a briefing on this investigation.


Police visited the KHMH where they saw the lifeless body of Emerson Skiers, a Belizean apprentice of Taylor’s Alley with several gunshot wounds to his body. So far police gathered that he was walking on Cemetery Road almost at the corner off Cemetery Road and West Street when a vehicle coming from the direction of Cemetery Road toward Albert Street passed him and fired several shots at him causing the fatal injuries. Yes there is a foot patrol and the foot patrol is almost near the homeless shelter which is almost two or three blocks away from where the actual shooting took place which is a distance away from the patrol on that side. Based on certain information we are working on what we have gotten from them. Up to now we do not have a motive in regards to the death of Mr.Skires. Yesterday it was Sunday and the street was not as busy, it was not a busy day but yes we have patrols there is a static patrol by the Taylor’s Alley and you have a mobile unit assigned to that specific area. At this time we are following many leads and I hope that one of them can give us what the motive is behind the murder.”

Skyers is of a Pregnant Alley address.  He has been in the media on several occasions including back in 2015 when he and several others were arrested and charged for the robbery of First Caribbean Bank at the San Cas Plaza which occurred on July 31, 2015.  Earlier this year, Skyers was in the news again when he was presented with a Wavemaker Award from Oceana on October 15.  Skyers was a part of the Youth Apprenticeship Program under the guidance of Dianne Finnegan.