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Ocean’s Academy Wins 3rd High School Innovation Challenge

The third annual High School Innovation Challenge closed off today on the ITVET compound after three days of fine tuning and presentation of project ideas to a panel of judges around the theme, technology and education.  Love News has been reporting on this event for the last three years and as you may know, the competition is open to secondary schools in the Belize District as a collaborative effort by the Ministry of Education, Peacework and Price Waterhouse Coopers.  Earlier today we caught up with Lia Fleur of Peacework.


“Yeah it’s been great, we’ve spent the last two days with the students and their teachers as well as some local business mentors and they’ve been working on refining their presentation skills, their power point presentations as well as their executive summaries on their ideas so they’ve had a really good time in the last couple of days and they are presenting to a panel of judges all today so we’re excited to see what they come up with. We have a few that have already gone some we’re still waiting to hear from but a lot of them revolve around technology and education and how to use things like tablets or computers in the classrooms, ways they can keep students more engaged, teachers more engaged, maybe e books so those are the things that we’ve been seeing this morning. This is our third year of the high school innovation challenge.

The selection of the winning entry in this year’s competition was based on several points as Fleur explained with judges being Louana Sosa, Melissa Perrera, Nilda Riveroll and Rose Bradley.


“Every student must speak, they must have a speaking part on the presentation, they’re looking at the quality of the presentation, the quality of the power point, the quality of the idea, how innovative it really is and what the steps and the research and background is that they students put into their ideas. Then they win big prizes and we are also working to figure out what our next steps are so we are going to help them take their ideas to the next level and hopefully implement them either at the school level, the Minister spoke this morning and said that he is going to look over all of their ideas so hopefully something in the Ministry will also be implemented for these students.”

Placing first for the second consecutive year is Ocean’s Academy from San Pedro Town followed by San Pedro High School and in third place was Ladyville Technical High School while honorary mentions were given to four participants.


The winners will be getting laptops and further assessments of their project with possible funding to enhance it.