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October 19 is International Credit Union Day

Tomorrow is being observed as International Credit Union Day. The Credit Unions in Belize have different activities planned for the entire week. This year’s theme is “Dreams Strive Here”. Love News spoke with Mrs. Daisy Dawson, the General Manager of St. John’s Credit Union who told us more.

Daisy Dawson – General Manager

“It’s an opportunity for us to highlight all the good things that the credit union has been doing in Belize and of course worldwide and so we take that opportunity to put aside a week in October to do all the celebration and highlight all the good things that we have been doing, how we have been able to help those in need and also how we help build our community in which we provide these services.”

Dawson went on to share how the credit union got started in Belize.

Daisy Dawson – General Manager

“When Credit Union first started in Belize it was in 1943 in Punta Gorda. The first credit union was St.Peter Claver Credit Union, thereafter came about HRCU, St.Francis and then St.John’s in 1946 and over the seventy plus years that we have been functioning in Belize we have been able to provide service to our members in respect of loans where they are able to own their own homes, where they are able to get loans for education for their children and themselves. Also for those persons who may need medical loans and so there is a broad section that we have covered in respect to providing services to our members. When we look at the statistics our credit union membership is over 146,000 so that is like nearly half the population of Belize we are looking at and our goal is to try and reach 50% of the population to have them become a member of the credit union.”

St. John’s Credit Union has locations in Dangriga, Belmopan and Belize City. Dawson said they are planning to open a branch on the Northside of Belize City.