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Officers from San Ignacio formation honored

Today, a short ceremony was held at the Sacred Heart auditorium where several officers attached to the San Ignacio formation were honored for their exemplary performance on the job.  Eric Young received an award for the officer of the month, while Ciriaco Medina and Donald Harris were awarded for their outstanding performance and Jerome Ingram was awarded as the best dress officer. The officers told Love news that they were elated to be chosen and the recognition meant a lot to them.

Eric Young: “I was surprised and I wasn’t expecting it, at the same time I accept the certificate, the award humbly and I know that it’s been a while since we have not been recognized but what I would want to share with the public is that just work at the end of the day you will get recognized one of these days.”

Ciriaco Medina: “I thank god and I thank the formation for the award.”

Donald Harris: “The award I must say that I felt very proud to know that I was recognized out of a number of over 90 police officers.”

Jerome Ingram: “I was a surprise but usually this what I do. Most of time when we would have an inspection I always try to be at my best dress. I ensure that I iron my uniform well, take time to shine my  shoes, my belt, my button.”

The police department recognizes officers on a regular basis in the hopes of lifting their morale and get them to perform at their best.