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OJ for Freetown

The UDP held two conventions last weekend. John August won in Cayo North East and Phillip Willoughby won in Port Loyola. This weekend Freetown is up for grabs as Orson Elrington is challenging Dr. Carla Barnett.  Earlier today, the media asked Elrington if the baggage and rumours surrounding his allegedly unfavorable interaction with women would affect his chances, particularly with female voters of Freetown.

OJ Elrington: “It is a quest to serve the people of the Freetown constituency, that is my only reason and the most important reason I believe for declaring my candidacy to be the next Area representative and in this case to be the UDP standard bearer for Freetown. When we are in relationships, every single day we have our fuss, we have our fights but never ever, you see but people make up what they want, people make up whatever they feel is necessary so at the end of the day the people of Freetown will select the person who they think is best so not matter what lies they spread, it doesn’t matter because they know me, they know what I bring to the table, they know what I offer. I have two daughters and so for me it is absolutely important, in fact almost my whole team is made up of nothing but women: I have mothers, I have sisters ,the truth is I genuinely believe we need more women in the partisan politics, we need more women in the House of representatives. It is star news, when you have people that make up their own things, immediately as it came out people that are like is this how low we are going, is the type of politics that we are going to be apart of in Belize when people just start to make up things. I mean either you are going to say one thing, I’m the other thing, it’s just all across the board, at the end of the day you know what, what others think of you it is fine but it is who you are is the most important thing in life.

Elrington has the support of former UDP standard bearer Li Mark Chang. Though the competition has been mostly civil, the Barnett camp has accused Elrington of outright lying about work Dr. Barnett has done in the area. Elrington says his hard work resulted in lights being placed in Belalma. However, Dr. Barnett says she has evidence she lobbied to get lights in Belama Phase 4. She had shown others a letter to BEL’s CEO Jeffrey Locke on October first where she lists the specific utility poles she designated to have street lights on. Love News asked Elrington to shed some light on the situation.

OJ Elrington: “I would say first and foremost I would ask you to, if she wants to take credit for it, it is neither here for there for me because at the end of the day what is most important for me is that the people of Freetown, that the residence of Belama phase four have gotten the lights that they require and that is the most important thing for me but if you seek to have the evidence of such, I can provide you with the evidence and you can go and seek and talk to the residence, the residence know, they can’t be fooled. If it cannot be done in three years how come suddenly you decide to do it in the same time period that we have decided to do it now. I can provide the whats app messenger that me and the Manager direct and you can go and speak to residence such as…”

Reporter: “The manager of who?”

OJ Elrington: The Manager of BEL in charge of the Lighting Department, just go and speak to him,  I don’t want to go into that because it is neither here nor there to me, if you want to take credit for that, take credit for it, it doesn’t matter, at the end of the day it is that the residence of the constituency get something that they are in need of. It is the fact they were not on the main streets for years and years and if you want to say that they magically appeared, then they magically appeared and if you want to take credit for it, it doesn’t matter me but the fact is that the residence of the constituency have gotten the lights.”

Elrington said if Barnett wants to take credit for the lights, she’s free to. However, he plans to take the division and place as standard bearer away from Barnett on Sunday.