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Did old sugar factory security guard fall to his death?

Police so far do not suspect foul play in the death of a Salvadoran national in Corozal. Forty-year-old Eliseo Alfaro Enriquez was found injured at the old Libertad Sugar Factory, where he works as a security guard. Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch, ACP Joseph Myvett says Enriquez may have been under the influence.

ACP Joseph Myvett: “Initial investigation revealed that sometime around 11:00 AM on the said date Alfaro Enriquez reported for duty but at the time he was seemingly highly under the influence on alcohol. He was checked on around 3 pm by his supervisor one Eden Romero who found him in an unconscious state bleeding from his forehead. As a result he was transported to the Corozal Community Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries whilst undergoing treatment. A Post Mortem was later held which revealed that he died from blunt force trauma which is consistent with a fall.”