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Older model cars have an adverse effect on the environment

Transportation is a necessity to get us from home to work or any other destination. Whether it is public transportation that is being used or private transportation; the reality is that all vehicles emit gasses that affect our environment. Yesterday, officials from various government and non-government organizations met to discuss the findings of a study to determine what Belize’s average fuel consumption efficiency is. Love News spoke with Ryan Cobb, Acting Energy Director at the Ministry of Public Service, Energy, and Public Utilities, who shared the findings of the study.

Ryan Cobb – Acting Energy Director

“Based on data gathered which was all of the importation of vehicles over the last five years was that in terms of fuel efficiency for vehicles we are one of the lowest ranks in the region. This is primarily due to the model years of used car vehicles that are imported into Belize. We look at various international databases such as one the figure stated by the manufactured themselves, two figures stated by an internationally accredited laboratory that has done independent studies on such vehicles to determine their fuel efficiency and then they do a weighted average.”

Cobb explained that the findings from the study will be used to implement a strategy to reduce the greenhouse gases that affect the environment.

Ryan Cobb – Acting Energy Director

“What are greenhouse gas emissions are as well so it also will help us in the calculation of our greenhouse gases. Eventually, it will show us the trends on what we believe the emissions will be until the year 2050 and different policies that we may want to implement so as to reduce those emissions.”

Cobb said that a multi-agency workforce will be established to look at policies and legislation that will lead to fuel efficiency practices.