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Omar Figueroa progress in Cayo North

Omar Figueroa is wrapping up his first term in office as an elected member of the House of Representatives.  Today he was officially nominated for Cayo North which means he will be seeking a second term.  During an interview today Figueroa reflected on the last five years and the progress in the Cayo North division.

Omar Figueroa, UDP Standard Bearer, Cayo North: “Well the first term was very exciting. It was challenging initially you know understanding the roles, the responsibilities, the inner workings of the government of the administration of the ministry and coupling that with being area representative but I think that in Cayo North we have put together a strong record upon which we run for reelection. You can compare Cayo North right now to any constituency across the country from as way back as we got independence and I can tell you without the shadow of a doubt that the types of projects and programs that we have been able to pull together for this constituency not relying fully on government funding but in fact pursuing grant funding from international organizations- take a drive around Cayo North and the evidence speaks for itself. You see the Cayo North Resource and Resilience Center, you see the Cayo North Sports Pavilion, you see the Bullet Tree Water project, the Bullet Tree electrification project, the Cayo North Highschool is a signed deal the money has been identified, the contract has been signed, the contractor has been identified and the project is expected to actually start construction as early as next week. So we’re running on a record of commitment to the people, one that we have been able to deliver for the people of Cayo North. We already have projects in the pipeline for the next five years so the next five years will see much greater transformation, will see much greater projects and programs come to this constituency.’

Figueroa will be going up against PUP’s Michel Chebat and BPF’s Kurt Lizarraga.