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Ombudsman Cites Displaced Migration as a Crucial Regional Issue

The New President of The Council of Human Rights Defenders, the Ombudsman of Belize, Lionel Arzu, spoke with Love News about the current issues affecting the region, especially the issue of displaced migration.


“—the guy who is the outgoing president had some issues that were started by him as the president and it concentrated around migrant rights and the movement of migrants to different parts of the region for their rights to be looked at. Now, Migration will not go away anytime soon so more than likely that will still be around but our hope is to make sure that the government and the agencies involved do their part and once they do their part with them we work together and then in the end have some level of success or total success. With prison that is one, we have issues with police brutality is another one, forced displacement of people whether it is due to violence or gangs or just war. Even though we don’t have a war, soldier to soldier, we have gang warfare and so that creates a problem for people. But at the end of the day what is important is that together as a region we need to look at the issues real hard because for us as Belizeans, the migration issue will not be much as in other parts of the country but it’s still an issue so we need to make sure we look at everybody’s issue and see how best we can move forward resolving these issues.

Arzu stated that the first issue he will be looking at will be the unabated migration into the United Stated from Latin American countries.