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One bullet ends man’s life

There was a fatal shooting in the Butcher Burns Area in the Belize District early this morning. The victim has been identified as 62 year old Marcel Samuels. According to police, Samuels and his wife were walking on the Butcher Burns Road to their farm when 2 men on motorcycle passed by them. One of the men fired a single shot, hitting Samuels to the head. He died on the scene. We were told that the wife escaped through a picado road. Samuels was found by a farmer who heard the gunshot. The family believes that a hit was placed on Samuels. Police have yet to officially establish a motive but we understand that his murder may be related to an upcoming court case. In February, Samuels had reported to Hattieville police that two of his cattle had been stolen. He had also shared that several of his cattle had gone missing over the past years. The court case for the cattle theft was scheduled for next month and so the family believes that Samuels was killed in respect to that matter.