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One Dead and Several Injured in Road Traffic Accident

A young business owner, 24-year-old Arita Vanzie perished in a traffic incident last night just after eight o’clock on the Stann Creek Valley Road. 

A young business owner, 24-year-old Arita Vanzie perished in a traffic incident last night just after eight o’clock on the Stann Creek Valley Road.  We join Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz who spoke with the victim’s father.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: 26-year-old Arita Vanzie better known as “Boo” lost her life just after nine last night in a road traffic incident on the Hummingbird Highway. Love News understands that Vanzie along with some friends left home in the village of Roaring Creek in a car en route to Dangriga Town when she met her demise. Ari Vanzie, the father of the deceased spoke to Love News.

Ari Vanzie, Father: Well I actually was at my work when I received the call from my son who told me that Arita was involved in an accident. I immediately started to make arrangements to proceed to Dangriga where I was made to understand the accident took place at mile 3. So I got in touch with my boss and I took off from work. I was made to understand that she was in bad shape and she needed blood so my intention was to reach there and donate blood because I’m a blood donor however unfortunately when I arrived at Dangriga Hospital I was approached by my son who informed me that Arita had passed before I had arrived in Dangriga. Arita was dearly loved, she is absolutely going to be missed. She has always been our bundle of joy, she is one of the most jovial persons and always going out of her way, sometimes even if she has to make you get annoyed first before she gets a good laugh out of you she’s always trying to keep everybody happy and keeping the family together. We will miss her dearly.”

Love News understands that the group was heading to Dangriga from Roaring Creek Village when the incident occurred.  Stann Creek Correspondent Harry Arzu spoke with an eyewitness.

Eyewitness:I was at my house and I heard this big noise. I thought it was one of Coco Plum Office’s boat drop so I ran out and saw but when I was saw it was a crash by the culvert. So I ran to the scene. When I reached there the car was on fire so the neighbors hurriedly got water and threw it on the car to out the flame then they started taking out the persons and only three persons were in the car, the driver was already out.”

Harry Arzu, Stann Creek Correspondent: Who was the driver ?

Eyewitness: Damian Usher and there were two guys and one female in the car so the same neighbors took them out and laid them down on the road and yeah we waited until the ambulance came. Damian was out and I saw his foot was broken.”

Harry Arzu, Stann Creek Correspondent:  You mean like he flew out of the vehicle ?

Eyewitness: Yes he flew out of the vehicle and he had scrapes on his face, he was bleeding a lot and he was bawling for help because he thought his foot was broken and he couldn’t even move it. Then we took out another guy who was Zane Zuniga then there was a female, a young girl by the name of Arita as we took her out she was unresponsive. We tried to talk to her and move her and nothing, she was blank.”

Love News understands that the Chevy Impala belonged to 24-year-old Deon Castillo who was driving at the time of the incident.  24-year-old Arita Vanzie lost her life as a result of the incident.  The other surviving passengers are Zane Zuniga and Damion Usher.