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One Dead in Motorcycle Accident in the South

A man died this morning in southern Belize in a road traffic incident. 37-year-old Nicholas Watson of Corozal Town was involved in the incident just after 8 o’clock. Stann Creek Correspondent Harry Arzu has the details. 

Harry Arzu, Love FM News: 37 year old Nicholas Watson of Santa Rita Layout, Corozal District, lost his life this morning as a result of a fatal road traffic accident that he was involved in. Reports here say that about 7:30 or so, Watson was heading to work at Family City Imports here in Dangriga and upon reaching mile 3 ¼ on the Hummingbird Highway he lost control of the motorcycle and apparently collided into a guardrail. Consequently he sustained head and body injuries and apparently died on the spot. After police processed the scene the body of the deceased was transported to the Southern Regional Hospital’s morgue by a police vehicle. As a result of the accident, vehicular traffic was delayed for a short period of time until the scene was processed. Love News spoke with a colleague of the deceased.

Colleague of Deceased: “My colleague came to work at 8 this morning, however, he forgot his firearm so he borrowed one of the worker’s motorbike and went home to retrieve the firearm. On the way back that’s when he lost control of the motorbike and fell and lost control and apparently he died. 

Harry Arzu, Love FM News: Tell us about this guy. What you know about him? 

Colleague of Deceased: “I know him to be a very good worker, very full of life and energy.”

Harry Arzu, Love FM News: So where was he coming from this morning? 

Colleague of Deceased: “From the village of Hope Creek. He went home to retrieve the firearm because he came to work and he forgot the firearm. Then he borrowed the bike from one of the workers this morning and he got the forearm and on his way back, he lost control at Sarawee Village. He lost control and fell to his death.”

Harry Arzu, Love FM News: Reporting for Love News from Dangriga, I am Harry Arzu.