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One detained for Tuesday shooting in Belize City

One man is detained in the shooting of Ambrosia Bernardez and are asking the public to assist them in collecting evidence to further close the case. The shooting happened on Tuesday, July 10 in Belize City shortly before eight o’clock at the corner of west canal and Armadillo Streets. Bernardez was shot in her right shoulder. ASP Alejandro Cowo says they have spoken with Bernardez.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, CIB: “What the police was able to gather from her and other witnesses in the area was that a group of persons were sitting on the bridge by the canal side when a male person just rode in their direction and fired several shots in their location injuring Ms.Ambroso. A civilian who was in the area had a licensed firearm and he fired several shots at the male person but apparently the person escaped unhurt. She is presently admitted in a stable condition at this moment at the hospital.”

Police say they have evidence to show that Bernardez was not the gunman’s intended target.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, CIB:“It is an area that is utilized by many residents of that area both from the alley by the primary school and those living by the canal side. Yes there were children, adults and we know that the target was a male person that was along withe the female there and she was not the target. Unfortunately she was beside that person and she was the one that ended up getting injured. There is nothing yet that is pointing that it was any gang involved. What we have an idea of is that there could have possibly been a misunderstanding among that group of male persons and that individual who is suspected to have done the shooting he was there along with them and something transpired between them and thereafter he came back and fired the shots at the persons. We have a suspect detained however we are asking for the public’s assistance to cooperate with us so that we can bring this person to justice. I think that we have the correct person but we are just asking that those who were there to come along with us to work together so that we can put this person to justice.”

Police say the department has allocated patrols in the area to avoid any chances of a retaliation and are trying to bring persons to the table for mediation.