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One Green Planet Petitions for Protection of Belize Barrier Reef

An environmental publication has noted that the Great Barrier Reef has lost approximately fifty percent of its coral while the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System is looking at a similar fate.  The Belize Barrier Reef System which is on the 2009 UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in danger is home to over a thousand species of marine life.  With this system facing destruction, the organization, One Green Planet has launched an online petition to protect the reef from further damages through coastal construction and oil concessions.  According to the article the prevention of an oil spill in necessary and that can only be done if there is no offshore exploration of oil.  The publication reads, in part, quote. “Reefs in Belize will experience thermal stress severe enough to cause bleaching every year after 2040 – and projections for ocean acidification suggest that declines in coral calcification by 2040 may exceed 10 percent, the threat of oil drilling has the potential to push this reef over the edge.Nearly 200,000 Belizeans are estimated to rely on the reef for survival and fifteen percent of the country’s gross domestic product comes from the reef — including about $15 million from the commercial fishing industry and about $200 million from tourism activities. This natural barrier also saves Belize up to $350 million per year in avoided damage from storms and other natural disasters.”  End of quote.  It is the intention of the organization to have the petition sent to Prime Minister Dean Barrow.