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One Hundred Seventy Nine New Cases of COVID-19 Reported

Today, Belize reported one hundred seventy-nine new cases of COVID-19. According to the Ministry, there were two deaths, taking the number of fatalities to five hundred and sixty-six. Acting surveillance officer in the Ministry’s epidemiology unit, Myra Fernandez provided the latest figures during today’s edition of “Up 2 the Minute”.

Myra Fernandez, Acting Surveillance Officer, Ministry of Health and Wellness: “Of this we also report we have 210 new recoveries. We have 32 persons presently hospitalized with 15 new ICU. We have two deaths to report. For the cumulative report this accounts from since March last year to present to date we have 340,447 total tests done. Of this we have 29,861 confirmed cases. We also report 1,276 active cases meaning that these persons are still in the period to infect. Our positivity rate now stands at 9.10%. To date we also report that a total of 566 deaths with a fatality rate of 1.9. We also report 27,983 recoveries with a 93.7% recovery. For hospitalizations like mentioned we report 32 hospitalizations today with the majority being unvaccinated. Of the 15 persons being in ICU we also see that the majority of these persons are unvaccinated and for the two deaths reported we also see that these two persons were not vaccinated.”

Meanwhile, vaccinations home stand at two hundred and eight thousand six hundred and twenty-one with at least one dose while one hundred and ninety-two thousand two hundred and ninety-six are fully vaccinated. Technical advisor for Maternal Child Health, Doctor Natalia Beer explained further.

Dr.Natalia Beer, Technical Advisor, Maternal and Child Health: “In Belize so far we have administered 192,296 second doses or first dose for the Johnson which is only one dose. This puts us at 44.7% of the total population of Belize. The target is 71% so we are as a country 25.3 percentage points from the target. In looking at the data for children 12-17 years, second dose cumulative up to the 22nd of November is 23,153 and the target is 58,252 which puts us to less than half of the target met up to the 22nd of November and this includes both children in school and out of school.”