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One man detained as police investigate mysterious plane landing

The Belize Police Department has launched an investigation into the landing of another suspected drug plane. The aircraft, a Beechcraft Super King Air 200 is reported to have crash landed shortly after midnight last night in an area behind Blue Creek Village which is located in southern Orange Walk District. Police have one man detained but according to what authorities told the media this morning, there is not much that has been gathered about the mysterious clandestine landing. Dalila Ical has more.

Dalila Ical Reporting:

Heavily armed police and Belize Defense Force personnel descended upon the location where the suspected drug plane crash landed shortly after midnight last night.

The area had been secured sometime after two o’clock in the morning following swift police response to the report. Up until late this morning, authorities continued to comb the entire area. Just before the crash site, armed BDF personnel guarded several gallons of aviation fuel.

A few minutes’ drive away, the Beechcraft Super King Air 200 remained well guarded. The aircraft crash landed in a pasture in the Cuatro Leguas area in southern Orange Walk District, an area located behind Blue Creek Village. Police says the entire cargo area of the plane was empty by the time they arrived and are still unable to say whether anything was being transported.

ACPJoseph Myvett – Head of National CIB: “Upon inspection of the aircraft it was found to have only two seats which were the passenger seat and the pilot’s seat. Also one person was found who is detained, that was found coming out of the area prior to the police’ discovery of the aircraft.”

Police say the individual, a Belizean, was found driving out of the area. His involvement however is still not clear. Police say they do have reason to believe that those involved intended to set the plane on fire.

ACPJoseph Myvett – Head of National CIB:The area that was damaged from the plane I believe that is the same area that they attempted to set on fire. Traces of blood was found in the pilot’s seat area of the aircraft as well as I believe that upon inspection of the pickup from a distance in the Mexican side there were also traces of blood that were seen from a distance in the pickup as well.”

The pilot and or a passenger may have been injured and quite possibly may have headed towards Mexico.

ACPJoseph Myvett – Head of National CIB: “The police had also observed a white Ford pickup in the rive on the Mexican side which seemed to have been stuck in the river but on the Mexican side of the Rio Hondo River.”

This is the third suspected drug plane to be found in Northern Belize in the past few weeks.