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One Man Injured in Southern Traffic Accidnet

A man was injured following a road traffic incident this morning in southern Belize. The driver, Jamie Roberts, was driving from Independence Village to Punta Gorda Town when he ran off the Jacinto Creek Bridge. Roberts spoke to Toledo Correspondent, Paul Mahung shortly after the incident.

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: A traffic incident at Jacintoville Bridge in Toledo Earlier this morning left one person injured. 32-year-old Jamie Roberts of Independence who was the driver of the vehicle and was travelling from Independence to Punta Gorda spoke to Love News.

Jamie Roberts, Driver

Jamie Roberts, Driver: “I was a little control at the Jacintoville Bridge, I fell off the bridge but so far I’m okay. I’m at the Punta Gorda Hospital for treatment and hopefully I’ll be released in a few.”

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Robert said that the traffic incident happened at about 7:50 A.M and he was thankful to get out the vehicle alive as well as grateful to helpful villagers of the area who brought him to Punta Gorda Hospital where he received treatment for minor injuries to his head, left side of face, left hand and pain in the left hip area. Roberts was travelling alone in the green Isuzu DMAX which ended up on its side after plunging off the Jacintoville Bridge on the PG San Antonio Road.