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One Man’s Tale of Why He Stood Alone and Protested the Employment of Unqualified Health Worker

Activist, Patrick Menzies today held a protest in front of the Northern Regional Hospital in Orange Walk Town. Menzies told Love News he was protesting the appointment of Audibaldo Monima as the new Regional Health Manager. Menzies said Monima is not qualified for the post he holds.


“The reason is very evident that this disease in Belize is of epidemic proportions. The disease is conformity, complacency and cowardice. Our healthcare system has people that are more than qualified to lead the northern regional hospital. However the Minister selected a young man to be the person to run the northern regional hospital that only has an associate’s degree and we are saying that northern lives matter. How are you going to put an Associate’s Degree individual to run something that requires a Master’s Degree and five years experience and the simple example is that if this guy Monima is really a patriotic Belizean he would not take this position, he would resign and let someone who is qualified because we are dealing with healthcare and the safety of the families of the north because again as the manager he is the one in charge of selecting and evaluating and whatever it is that they do up there. So the reality is that Belizeans must stand up, we are telling people to please contact Minister Pablo Marin telling him that we appreciate his leadership but we have a problem with the person he put there that is not qualified. I’m calling on Monima to be a real a patriot and step down because he doesn’t qualify. I have a master’s degree but I don’t qualify either. So there are qualified people, I don’t want the job I’m saying in the ministry of health there are good people that are qualified for this job, please give someone who is qualified.”

Menzies spoke about the appointment of Monima’s wife as well.


“We need someone who is a Belizean, who is qualified. We have qualified Belize and according to the section B of the preamble of the constitution promotion must be on the order of merit, ability and integrity. This is not merit, this is not ability and there is no ability with this political appointment so we are asking Belizeans to please get rid of this.”

Monima reportedly has an associate’s degree in business administration. Monima recently resigned from Belize Coast Guard before acquiring the new position.