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One Million Dollars to be Diverted to the KHMH’s COVID-19 Unit

Dr. Andre Sosa explained that due to the rise in hospitalized cases of Covid-19 the KHMH had to divert some, one million dollars to finance the Covid Unit.

Dr.Andre Sosa, Chairman, KHMH: We have invested to date over a million dollars in the COVID unit and the management of COVID patients and this is money that was unbudgeted so we’ve had to divert money away from our subvention to be able to provide these services. And lastly the impact on the staff. We were fortunate to get an insight, the public and everyone, as to the conditions these young people are working under, the stress, the heart break and the long long hours they’ve had to dedicate for the last sixteen months. They’ve been going flat out for the last sixteen months and we’re very grateful for their heard work, their dedication and to their contribution to Belize. I’ll tell you something we have to be constantly on our guard that amongst the patients who go to operating theater or to the maternity ward or indeed admitted to any ward that we run the risk of COVID patients slipping through the net so to speak and it does have an impact even there on the operating theater. We often have to have our staff suit up and go in and do COVID cases. Imagine having to do anesthesia and you have the virus flying all around, you’re working for three four hours on a case so COVID reaches to every corner of the hospital potentially. We are facing the more infectious variant, the Delta Variant you know we don’t want the staff to be infected and then you lose whole sections of the hospital for example or that the patients go up on the ward and infect the other patients there on the clean ward so to speak.”