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One Person Arraigned For Kidnapping of Businessman Lloyd Theissen

Ryan Rhaburn was arraigned in the Belmopan Magistrate’s court today for reportedly being involved in the kidnapping of Lloyd Thiessen and his wife.  The kidnapping occurred about two months ago and is suspected to be spearheaded by William Mason after a business deal between them went south.  Herbert Panton who is the attorney for Mason and the four other individuals charged for Pastor Llewellyn Lucas murder is also representing Rhaburn.  Love News was at the courthouse and spoke to the defendants’ attorney, Herbert Panton.

“Whatever the facts are of the case the criminal procedure rules say that they ought to be presented to the defendant prior to arraignment. On the facts of the case it must be established that there is a Prima Faso case, so we are not dealing with evidence, evidence comes at the time of PI and the time of trial but when reading the facts you must be able to surmise that kidnapping which is the fact here actually occurred. How does kidnapping occur, it occurs when you hold someone against his or her will. The facts say that two Kriol decent male persons held the Freasons at the residence at Intelco Hill. The moment they were held against their will the kidnapping occurred. They said that they did not know the male persons but if they saw them again they would be able to recognize them. They did not mention Mr.Rhaburn’s name as to any of the two gentlemen at Intelco Hill. The fact further states that they were driven from Intelco Hill to the farm on the Western Highway. They had some kind of sack over their heads but through the little holes in that sack they were able to recognize Mr.Rhaburn. Now the kidnapping had already happened, so you recognize Mr.Rhaburn how do you connect him to the kidnapping. Mr.Rhaburn works at the farm he is a farm manager, Mr.Rhaburn could have very well been tending to the pigs, sheep, cow whatever is on the farm. The charge states of kidnapping at Mile 30 and 31 which would put it in the Belize judicial district but how could you kidnap at mile 30 or 31 if the Freasons say they were held at Intelco Hill. So it’s not that I am sure all that needs to happen if for the police to get their ducks in a row, put the facts together, put the charge together and rearrest my client and charge him. I am certain they will come and charge him and I have no problem with that on the first occasion.”

There is the addition of video footage which reportedly shows just how the kidnapping took place at the Intelco Hill home of Mason.  Panton spoke of the said video.

“All I’m saying is lord man you are the police force get your act together. You know what is unfortunate about all this, I want you to ask the police if up to this second if any one of them have consulted the director of public prosecution. I want to know that fundamental question because they are playing stop and go. I have been between Belize City and Belmopan since the start of this week. They need to get their ducks in a row. I’m sure they will come and rearrests my client, that is not the issue here but get your act together. If you start to drive a pile and it leans from the start what will happen when the house gets on it? That is all I’m asking of the police, get your ducks in a row. All I will say is that from the very first press conference that the police top brass had they have whipped this nation up into a frenzy and it is a frenzy with unrealistic expectations. I don’t know what they have in their possession upon disclosure date I will get that information but they very well know that they continue to throw this piece meal information out they prejudice their own case and I ask the question again, why has the DPP not been consulted up to this point? That is the question I want you to put to the top brass.”

With William Mason behind bars on the charge of murder, Love News understands that investigators are now seeking his spouse and business partner, 47-year-old, Melissa Carrie Ferguson.  Ferguson who bears a Canadian passport has traveled often since her arrival into the country on January 17, 2014.  She recently returned from one of her trips on July 4, 2016 and the last sighting of her was reported to be Tuesday, July 19.  Ferguson has listed her profession as medical representative and she carries a work permit for Belize and a Belize driver’s license.