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One of three escaped prisoners captured in Corozal

One of three prisoners who escaped police custody on April 11 in Corozal Town has been captured. Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino from the Crimes Investigation Branch in Belize City told the media today that he has been charged for escape and at least one officer attached to that formation has also been charged in connection with the incident.

Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino, Crimes Investigation Branch: “Matus he was one of the individuals who was recaptured from the three that escaped two weeks ago from the cell block in Corozal, he is a 19 year old resident of San Narciso Village. He was located at his residence on Tuesday and he has since been charged for escape and damage to property. Damage to property will be the aspect of them damaging the cellblock door in their escape. I do know that the Corozal police are looking into a lot of information and of course they are following any leads however the other two are still at large and we ask the public to assist if they see any sightings of them to call it in to the nearest police station and we will look into the information. I do know that an officer has been charged in regards to the escape of these prisoners. The details of that I don’t have at this point.”