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One Woman is Dead and Two Others are Injured After Being Brutally Attacked out West

A woman is dead and two others are recovering from a brutal attacked that occurred on Monday night in San Ignacio Town. The culprit behind the attack is believe to be 59-year-old Mercerdez Pais. He got into an argument with is common-law wife, Roxana Garcia. Garcia’s mother and sister, Angela Rodriguez and Emerita Flores, were present during the fight which then escalated to Pais attacking the women with a metal pipe. The three women were hospitalized and on Thursday Rodriguez died. But could the incident be avoided? Hipolito Novelo reports.

59-year-old Mercerdez Pais tonight stands accused of attacking three women and killing one of them with a metal pipe. Pais reportedly went on a rampage on Monday night, attacking his common-law-wife 27-year-old Roxana Garcia- her sister 20 year old Emerita Flores and 64-year-old Angela Flores Rodriguez-the mother of his common-law wife. 

Delmi Garcia, Family Member: “On Monday night, I heard a scream. I ran upstairs. I saw the man coming and he hit her twice in the head with the pipe. My mother fell. When I ran up, in the house of my sister- saw her and my other sister on the floor because he attacked her with the pipe. They  didn’t have a chance to react because he attacked them from the back with no motive or anything because they weren’t fighting that night. She had just gone to my mother’s house when he attacked her.” 

The couple were home on Alta Vista Street, San Ignacio Town, when an argument began. That argument escalated and by the end of the night all three women were on the ground, badly beaten and bleeding. Pais then fled the scene. Neighbors say they heard screams and quickly called police but say that San police officers treated the matter with no sort of urgency.

Voice of Neighbor: “She just used to tell me things about him but she never did him anything or told him anything because supposedly police told her that she doesn’t have to be telling him anything because he is in his house. So then she couldn’t say anything and I always used to tell her that he already started hurting her with simple material stuff I told her to watch out because he could hurt her wose. So then that night I came and it was raining and I heard one of the sisters holler for me to call the police and then I called the police and then police took long to come. So when I called them for the last they said that I had to wait because a lot of people called before me and I don’t think that’s right because I told them this is an emergency because the girls were knocked out and then we came and we helped them take them out because the police  – actually they reached after an hour and change and when they came the officer told me in a strong voice ‘why aren’t they out here.’ and I told her but miss how will they be out here and they’re knocked out, they’re unconscious. And then she said they were in a hurry, they were supposed to already be out here I told her we don’t want to move them because of how they stand and we were waiting for them to reach for them to help us out. Now when the officers got upstairs they didn’t want to help us because they saw a lot of blood and one of them didn’t have gloves so they never helped us. So we tried to see how those girls could come down and we put them in the vehicle and it looked scary. The girl had already frightened me already because she looked like she was – you were talking to her and she didn’t blink or nothing she just stared at you.”

Pais later handed himself to San Ignacio police and was charged with “grievous harm”. He return to the crime scene and Rodriguez’s husband, Alejandro, says he Pais retrieved the weapon. 

Alejandro Garcia Rodriguez, Husband of Deceased: “The neighbors saw where the threw the pipe. And when the police officer brought him, he picked up the pipe as he walked by. He found it himself, the pipe he used to beat my daughter. He wasn’t’ handcuffed, They brought him as though he didn’t know anything. “ 

Since the brutal beating on Monday, Flores Rodriguez had been fighting for her life but unfortunately passed away on Thursday. 

Alejandro Garcia Rodriguez, Husband of Deceased: “When I reached at the hospital in Belize City, they told me that wife is dead…that they couldn’t do anything…that the doctors couldn’t do anything because her body was already in the morgue. I waited and waited and them my daughters calls me, asking how her mothing is doing- she’s dead I tell her- I could even explain to her what was happening….”

It is expected that Pais’ charge will be upgraded. The deceased’s family says that San Ignacio police were approach the day before the attack but Flores Rodriguez’s attempt to get help from the police was futile. And now the family is demanding justice. 

Delmi Garcia,  Family Member: “She went on Sunday to file a police complaint that the man had threatened he life- they didn’t pay her mind. She has a restriction order- they still didn’t pay attention to her- That told her that he can come here and for her not to tell him anything because if she does then it can be used against her. The land is not his. It is for my father. The police did not do their job.”

Alejandro Garcia Rodriguez, Husband of Deceased: “What I want is justice because this is not fair that he does this or be release because sometimes he is released without any sort of justice or charges. This has happened several times.” 

Voice of Neighbor: “I don’t think it’s fair that this man is out. He used to say that police can’t do him anything because supposedly they are friends and they know him and I don’t think that friends in domestic violence police should help women because sometimes women try and then police when they see things like this happen they move up.”