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One Year Anniversary of the Blast that Shook Santa Elena

December 12th was the one year anniversary of the detonation of explosives at a quarry in a residential section of Santa Elena Town.   Seventy-year-old Ronald Sutherland, the general manager of Tiger Aggregates lost his life while many homes were damaged. Cayo correspondent Fem Cruz spoke to some residents whose home were damaged and inquired how they have progressed one year later.

Fem Cruz: “Yesterday made one year since an explosion occurred in the HillView area of Santa Elena Town. It was a Quarry blast that went terribly wrong leaving one man dead and several houses in the area destroyed. Love News visited the area on the one year anniversary and spoke to the affected residents who were impacted to see how they have progressed.

Fidelia Sto: “My name is Fidelia Sto and I just want to thank God that he gave us a good year and for all the support that the people have given us throughout the year and it still brings back some memories especially if I hear these pop shots and everything it justs stirs up something in me.

Juanita Vangeas: “My name is Juanita Vangegas and yes brother Fem yesterday marks one year since my house was destroyed by that big blast, it brings sad memories especially in this month of December but I thank God I got back a brand new house and I have all my family alive.

Resident: “It pains my heart when I can remember the guy that died because I get more broken when I remember that. But we give thanks to God that we have recovered back the damages from our house which it was a horrible situation when I knew that I couldn’t even come into my yard or into my house because of the huge rocks that were in our yard and everything that happened but we thank God for the life that he has given us and thanks to the people that we’re here to support us moving rocks helping us to recover back what we lost.

Resident: “It has been quite a year to recover from but thanks to God we are still blessed to be alive and to pick up the pieces of our lives and continue on and we are just glad that the neighborhood is basically back together again.

Fem Cruz: “This is brother Fem Cruz Cayo Correspondent Reporting for Love FM.