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Online Article Reports on Belize/Guyana Agreement as Having No Limitations on Trade

Last week we told you of the agreement signed between Belize and Guyana that the Government’s Press Office stated was aimed at deepening commercial, economic, technical and cultural cooperation.  The areas being looked at for cooperation are trade, investments, tourism, energy, marine affairs, education, agriculture, sports and culture among others.  There wasn’t much else divulged in that release from the Government but according to the Caribbean Journal, the document signed is a landmark new economic agreement that seeks to increase joint initiatives from the private sectors of the two countries.  The article noted, quote, “It does not specify any quotas on imports or exports, nor does it put limitations on products that can be traded between the two countries.”  End of quote.  When interviewed by the press, Belize’s Foreign Minister reportedly said, quote, “It depends on what we can produce and what you can buy. The products that are produced in Guyana could be sold in Belize, whatever quantities you produce”.  It is an interesting understanding considering the recent rice saga that had occurred when businessman, Jitandra Chawla had attempted to import Guyanese rice into the local market but his shipment was returned.  There have been no specifics on how this agreement will be carried out but interestingly enough there was a publication on the Guyana Government Information website where it was noted that Guyana has vast amounts of land, minerals and news of an oil find and that with all this the country is on the cusp of a boom period.  “The agreement was signed in Georgetown, Guyana during CARICOM’s 37th Regular Meeting of the Heads of Government.  Signing on behalf of the Government of Belize was Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington and for the Cooperative Republic of Guyana it was Vice President, Carl B. Greenidge.