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Onlookers Warned Not to Disrupt Senate Proceedings

Before the commencement of today’s Senate Hearing, the Chairman of the Committee, Senator Aldo Salazar gave a stern warning to members of the gallery. Senator Salazar warned that he would clear the entire gallery if the hearing was interrupted or disrupted by anyone in anyway.

More police officers were present for today’s hearing. The chairman of the United Democratic Party, Alberto August was back at the hearing with supporters of the informal group he recently created ‘Belizeans against Courtenay”. Members of the Belize National Teachers Union attended including the outgoing president, Luke Palacio. However, the President of COLA Giovanni Brackett and his supporters were not allowed to enter the building.

Echoing Brackett’s sentiments was the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno.

We will have much more of today’s senate hearing in tomorrow’s newscast.