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Opal Enriquez Issues Statement on Rath’s Allegations

Weeks after Miss Belize Rebecca Rath represented the country in the 2017 Miss Universe Pageant, her father Tony Rath published a five part blog entitled, “The Rocky Road to Miss Universe”. In it, the Raths went after the National Director of the Queen of the Jewel Organization, Opal Enriquez. They accused her bullying, sabotage and stealing. Since the allegations were published on the internet we attempted to get a comment from Enriquez however none had been forthcoming. A leaked statement from Enriquez with NICH’s letterhead was sent to Love News.  The statement is dated April 25 and is a direct response to what Tony Rath published. The thirteen point response touches on several of the statements made by Rath. Point four deals with the sponsorship agreement for payment of entire fee. According to Enriquez, no funds were paid to Miss Universe or herself by Insukba Lyons at any time. She says, Lyons made several phone calls and promises but ultimately no payment was received. As for the contracted photographers William Byrd and Krystina Byrd and the fact they were never paid for their services, Enriquez explains that Lyons and Sibs International have not paid the duo for footage and labor on the Miss Belize Universe Project. Point six and seven deals with monies collected from the Go Fund Me Account and the prizes presented to the winner of the Miss Belize Universe Pageant 2016. In the following point, Enriquez speaks about gift bags sponsored and prepared by BTB, NICH and the Music Ambassador. Enriquez asserts that Rebecca Rath returned the bag of gifts after she told them that “Philippine Airlines refused to check the bag because it was too soft” but kept the four hundred US dollars given to her. Enriquez managed to check the bag of gifts herself. Enriquez says that Rath was then asked to distribute the gift to the delegates but she politely declined and stated that she would be passing out the books of photos from her father. As for the Alex Sanker painting which Rath says was lost during her travels, Enriquez says the painting met all requirement and offered Rath another of Sanker’s work. However, Therese Rath, Rebecca’s mother, refused and informed them about the Pen Cayetano painting. Enriquez says that Rath refused to meet with her during the pageant in Manila. To sum it up, Enriquez says that she did not steal any money, did not withhold prizes from any crowned Queen of the Jewel, is not being sued, did not use company or personal funds to purchase event tickets or stay at a fancy hotel, did not receive any funds from Insukba Lyons and did not bully or sabotage Rebecca Rath in any way. The statement does not state if Enriquez will pursue legal action against the Rath family.