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Open Government and Open Data

The Trust For the Americas has a week of activities scheduled to share about open government and open data. Love News spoke to Rodrigo Irani, the Project manager, Trust of the Americas and the local coordinator about the week’s session and the expectations for the “Belize Open week.”

Rodrigo Irani, the Project manager, Trust of the Americas:” We are here in Belize now during this open week, Belize open week. The very first week tailored to open government and open data. This is in the framework of the approaching promotion being an open government ecosystem in Belize funded by the US Embassy in Belmopan and being implemented by the trust for America which is a non profit organization affiliated to the OAS and the Department for effective Public Management of the Organization of American public states also in collaboration with CITO the Information Technology Office of Belize. This is for the event tailored to bring to Belize best practices and different cases of open government of success stories across the region: Latin American and the Caribbean on who to promote this new concept of open government and the new benefit it brings to the country. We are bringing different experts from the region to tell their stories so that the civil society hears. Academia and government officials can know about this new concept and apply to the day to day issues.

Henry Wade Local Coordinator, Trust for the Americans: “Tomorrow we are having an all day round table session where we anticipate co creation and collaborative processes between government and civil society with the anticipated result of moving towards perhaps legislation or some mutually agreed upon objective towards the end of that day. On Friday we have an IT focused Packaton which is going to focus on open data which speaks to utilizing Belize’s country data, in particular from the Ministry of Tourism to highlight or identify possible solutions to issues that we might need to address here in Belize.”

It is a 4-day event and each day there’s a different theme on open data and open government.