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‘Open Government’ project underway in Belize

A project aim at establishing an open government climate is Belize is currently being rolled out. The project is being spearheaded by the Organization of American States in collaboration with the US Embassy in Belize and The Trust for the Americas. This approach encourages direct and constant communication between governments and citizens as to the needs of the latter.  According to Specialist for the Department of Effective Public Management for the OAS, Mike Mora, the ultimate goal is to have a democracy by the citizens and for the citizens, one that defines public policies and management practices based on openness, accountability, and easy access to public information.

According to the Project Manager for the Trust of the Americas Rodrigo Iriani, Open Government has proven to be more than a trend. After conducting several interviews with several stakeholders, Iriani says that the Open Government Project is being welcomed.

Henry Wade is a Coordinator for the OAS and works with Trust of the Americas and he explained what the benefits for the public of an Open Government are.

The first phase of the project will be implemented over the course of 13 months.