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Operation ACT comprises of Rigid & Amiable

Operation ACT, as we heard from the Department’s top brass, will employ both a rigid and an amiable approach in the attempt to curb the ongoing gun violence in the City. Although the mediation process is one that residents will have to seek on their own, the other component of the operation raises concern. As Commissioner Whylie said officers will be conducting house searches and will be on constant patrol within the Southside area of the City, so the media asked what their efforts are to avoid a surge of police brutality reports by the residents. The Commissioner says they will not infringe on persons’ constitutional rights

Commissioner Allen Whylie

“They are reminded in terms of their authority to be out there. They are reminded of the justifiable force and harm and as much as possible we do have senior officers who are responsible for various sectors who will be visiting and ensuring these people, our people are working according to plan and conforming as Ms. Magdalena has said, there are two numbers that we have shared with the nation that people can call in and provide us with information. They can also complain if they see officers are not doing the right thing. We are not out there to beat up people. We will work within the laws that we have and any wrongdoing if substantiated will be addressed but we are dealing with some very serious criminals. We are dealing with serial killers and we will be in their faces and I will make no apology for the Police being in their faces.”

Operation ACT will also comprise of an investigative and evidence gathering team, a Public Relations team, information and intelligence team, and legal advisors including Bart Jones, ACP Chester Williams, and Trina Young.