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Operation ACT in full effect, but Gang Wars Continue

As police reveal that the shooting death of twenty-year-old Deidron Dennis McKay is retaliation for the shooting on Neal’s Penn Road that resulted in four persons being injured, Southside Commander Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal said this morning that they expect more violence as feuding factions quote, “go after each other”. That’s because the last incident involved members of some key gangs. Ten days ago, the department launched Operation ACT in the Southside of Belize City, which meant that officers were in the area. Commander Vidal agreed but said police can only do so much.

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal – Commander, Eastern Division South

“I think that it has been said before that the police cannot be everywhere, they are close but when these things happen you know it’s a matter of split seconds that they commit these crimes and they don’t wait on the police they move so when it is possible then the police will make all efforts to apprehend those when they are leaving the scene as was the case on Friday.”

But while blood was spilled once more in the area, Police say that with the launch of the operation in the area, they have been able to contain the violence for the most part.

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal – Commander, Eastern Division South

“The operations are targeting these individuals and it has been something that we have been sustaining. So certainly it is the fact that the operation is ongoing that has allowed for them to back off. The tensions are always there, it is not something that will just go away over this past two weeks, it is always there and we are mindful that it is always there and that is the reason why we maintain the level of presence that we have so far.”

And even with the legalization of the possession of ten grams and less of marijuana, Commander Vidal says the department keeps fighting the importation of marijuana into Belize City.

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal – Commander, Eastern Division South

“Since the announcement of the operation, it is not only Belize City doing operations. We have the areas in the north and we also have in the west that are doing operations including Hattieville and Ladyville so those are kind of like putting buffers for the importation of some of these drugs. Mind you some of them will still make their way to Belize City and when they do we will meet them.”