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Opposition Leader Applauds the Media

The media has been cited as problematic particularly when it comes to foreign affairs and national security issues.  The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington has become known to lay blame at the feet of the media when it comes to their news reports on the Belize/Guatemala issue.  The Opposition Leader, John Briceno has conceded that while it is upsetting to get the tough questions posed to them as politicians, he is content knowing that the media is finally waking up.


“It is unfortunate that the Foreign Minister would take that view. I think that we in Belize need to be thankful to the media, we have now a more aggressive media, they finally woke up because from 2012 to 2015 you all were asleep but now I see a more aggressive you all being able to stand up and be able to ask the real questions and do the investigative work and I take back it back Daniel. I was just teasing you but on a serious note I think the work that you have been doing is outstanding. It is necessary in a democracy. Yes as politicians we don’t always like what you put in the news, or  the questions that you put forth in front of us but it is necessary so that the Belizean people can be informed because as a government and I was part of a government  for nine years,  you want to put your best foot forward and to put the prettiest picture forward and sometimes it is not always like that and this is where the media steps in. In any thriving democracy the media plays a very important role so I do not agree with the Foreign Minister’s assertion. I think that the media has been doing a good job and we need to encourage you all to continue to dig, to continue to investigate and to continue to ask the tough questions.”

The main media houses have committed to being out in full force on Saturday as the PUP leads its expedition into the Sarstoon.