Opposition Leader Barrow Blames Government for Sugar Industry Turmoil

Opposition Leader Barrow Blames Government for Sugar Industry Turmoil

Leader of the Opposition, Moses Shyne Barrow, has attributed the chaos in the sugar industry to the performance of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Agriculture and the government.  According to Barrow, there has been turmoil in the sugar industry since the Briceno administration came into power.  

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “It is clear to the United Democratic Party that Abelardo Mai and Briceno are the worse enemies of the cañeros because of the false promises that they continue to feed them and the PUP is divided. It is Abelardo Mai and the so called Northern Caucus look as if they have expelled Briceno from the Northern Caucus or they operate as a part within a party because they are saying one thing and the Prime Minister is saying another thing. And rather than stay hunkered down boots on the ground, sleeves rolled up and solving this matter the Prime Minister saw it fit to go on personal leave and go to the Vatican and pray because he’s I don’t know what he’s doing I don’t want to say anything churlish about anyone’s spirituality I don’t know if it’s an official visit. But the fact is that we have priorities and the sugar industry is one of our priorities as a nation. That sector needs to succeed. A deal needs to be worked out for the long term.”

Barrow went on to speak on a promise to the cane farmers once he is elected as the next Prime Minister.  He furthered by making claims that the PM Barrow is not in touch with what is really happening on the ground.  He also spoke on the importance of investor confidence.

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “But we have to be balanced. A deal is something that both parties we give and take and we try to come as close as possible to a middle ground. However our priority, our partiality if you will is always the cañeros and the Belizean people. However we want to ensure that this is a place, our country is a place that investors feel safe and have security  and what Abelardo Mai has done in particular the instruments that he passed that was struck down in the high courts is really bastardized the system and he has been a hinderance to the cañeros by lying to them and deceiving them and fighting with his Prime Minister who again I always criticized Briceno for being out of touch with Belize. He is out of touch with the parliamentarians and members of cabinet in the north. They are saying one thing he is saying another thing. He’s so disconnected that obviously there is a crisis. I knew days before what was happening, I knew that everything that is happening I had intelligence on there is no way that the Prime Minister can plead ignorance as ignorant as many of us may think he is and as foolish as we may think he is he has to know better.”

After all the political rhetoric, the opposition leader noted that coming to a solution in the sugar sector is in the best interest of the Belizean people.

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “It is about the entire country and that’s why I said we have to put Belize’s interest first and that is why the Prime Minister should have never left the country. That is why this proverbial can should have never been kicked down the road. I don’t understand why after three years a long term solution has not been put in place but that is because of lazy management of the country, incompetence of course but just laziness. Sometimes if you try hard you could get things done but if you don’t try any at all and you’re incompetent then you get nothing done and Abelardo Mai’s strong handed approach and thuggish approach that he will just get whatever he wants is not getting anywhere – not in the high courts, not in the Cabinet and so we need to be reasonable and we need to make sure that we can bring everyone to the table and have a reasonable agreement but the PUP is divided so they can’t have a solution. Our sugar industry is at stake which as you said doesn’t just affect the ­cañeros but impacts all Belizeans. It’s just indicative of the type of leadership we have in Belmopan with the People’s United Party.”

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