Opposition Leader calls PM Briceno “most mentally bankrupt” Prime Minister Belize has ever had

Opposition Leader calls PM Briceno “most mentally bankrupt” Prime Minister Belize has ever had

Leader of the Opposition Moses “Shyne” Barrow says Prime Minister John Briceno has lost his mind.  His comments refer to an address made by the Prime Minister yesterday at the Jet Blu ceremony yesterday, in the presence of diplomats and tourism officials.  It was a 15-minute address where the Prime Minister made some statements, intended for humor, but easily taken out of context.  Before we get to Barrow’s comments, here is a snippet of the PM’s address at the airport.

Hon. John Briceño, Prime Minister of Belize: I’m going to tell a little bit on my age. Phil Collins’ No Jacket Required that album is a great album, it’s a fantastic album. You need to listen and so next time you come you do not bring a jacket or else I’ll have immigration tell you that you cannot come in. So rolled sleeves or a Guayabera and you are fine. Presently Belize is really just that haven of democracy, you have problems in Guatemala and I hope they can work that out. El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua is a basket case I’m sorry if there is anyone from Nicaragua. We have massive problems in Panama and also even Costa Rica who has also been one of the most stable democracies. And Belize continues to be that haven of democracy and a place where people can still feel safe to come and to visit. And to Captain Smith I kind of feel sorry for you growing up in PG the white boy I could imagine how that was you know ? You still remember your Kriol right ? Good. That must be quite an interesting you know experience that you’d have. Maybe you could have gotten away in the islands but PG ? It’s a beautiful place by the way. Punta Gorda if you’re stressed the best place to go is probably to PG ot the Toledo district is one of the most amazing districts that we have and that’s blessed by nature. Most of it’s intact, most of it’s forest. Oh and by the way the sharks in Belize are well trained they don’t eat white people so you’re safe, like in other countries so please come. We have trained them when they really hungry they might could eat a Belizean but not the white people. Unlike what has happened unfortunately in The Bahamas.”

While the PM says his somewhat candid address resulted from not having the time to write a speech, Barrow says he heard otherwise. Today, he told the media that the PM’s comments were disrespectful and of poor choice.

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “Because he’s a boy named Sue, he likes to sue so I’m not saying that either. I heard , that was the report that he was allegedly intoxicated but I don’t know if that’s true.”

Reporter: But what do you make of his speech ? Because he made comments like he was shocked that a pilot could come from PG and that sharks only –
Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “You know the Prime Minister Briceno has to be the most mentally bankrupt Prime Minister that we have ever had and so it’s of no shock. Come on you’re not really surprised at anything that he says. You know it’s terrible the things that he said about the teachers, it’s terrible what he said about the pilot from PG, what he said that we don’t have talent. He continues to berate the Belizean people because he’s an elitist. You know he grew up very wealthy due to his father’s exploits in the narco trafficking trade and so he doesn’t know what it is to be a grassroots Belizean and not because you did well in life disconnects you so I don’t want to condemn anyone that has had a good upbringing because I know many people that have been fortunate and come from a good family and they’re the most compassionate thoughtful people and they take on society in a way where they want to better society and they want to uplift society because they are so grateful for the blessings that they have. Briceno is the opposite. He’s aloof, he’s disconnected and you know he’s been there for thirty years so he’s lost his mind and so it’s time for him to go.”

Interestingly, in his address, the PM did note that his comments may have ruffled feathers if taken out of context.

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