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Opposition Leader Casts Aspersions on Ramos but Concedes to Having No Evidence

Earlier we told you of Ramos’ resignation from the House of Representatives.  The letter of resignation has been accepted and the People’s United Party has responded.  That response from the party came just after eleven o’clock this morning where the media gathered to hear the Opposition Leader speak on the current situation.  According to PUP Party Leader, Francis Fonseca, the reports as to what drove Ramos to resign may have to do with monies received from the United Democratic Party.


“The decision by the Honorable Ivan Ramos to resign his seat in the House of Representatives is disappointing to our party but it comes as no surprise. We are aware that over the past few weeks Mr. Ramos and agents acting on his behalf have been in discussions with the United Democratic Party in pursuit of a mutually beneficial outcome in respect of the Dangriga sSeat. While I am not in a position to provide you with evidence and nature of the contents of that agreement, speculation as you know very well has been far and wide and I can tell you that the most frequent question I have gotten in the last 20 hours is, “Is it true that Ivan Ramos was paid to resign his seat?” This is obviously just speculation, just an allegation but it is a serious one. Similar allegations arose at the time of Joseph Mahmud’s resignation in Cayo North.”