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Opposition Leader comments on Auditor General’s report that will be tabled in the House on Friday

Tomorrow Area Representatives will meet in Belmopan for the Special Sitting of the House of Representatives. During that sitting, the 2012-2013 Auditor General’s Report is expected to be tabled. In Chapter 4, the report zeros in on the Ministry of Works, Ministry of National Security, Ministry of Education and the Department of Sales Tax. According to the report, most government bank accounts have not been reconciled for a number of years. And as it relates to the section for the Ministry of Works, the Auditor General focused on two companies, Special Effects and Special Effects Performance and the companies’ questionable financial transactions with GOB. Today Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, described the document as damning against the Barrow Administration.


John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“It is a damning report against the United Democratic Party Government, again saying things that we already knew. We knew that there is rampant corruption in the Ministry of Works you know the famous case of special effects where just in 32% of the contracts that they got in that year they have demonstrated that special effects overcharged the government to the tune of $300,000. They got over $2 million dollars worth of contracts to deliver tires to the Ministry of Works they can’t find there is no accountability about the tires whether they were delivered, where they were delivered, who signed for it. There is another case about a fictitious company that was based in the Mesopotamia area where they are telling us that when the auditor general’s team went to check the company does not exist and when they spoke with the area engineer and they said that they would go to the person who ever that person is here is the order and then that person gives him another order and if it’s at Benny’s to pick up the things at Benny’s so it has been a massive rip off that has been taking place and what is even more alarming is that the auditor general places the blame on the Ministry of Finance saying that the Ministry of Finance has not been doing their jobs and who has been the Minister of Finance since 2008 ? No other than the Right Honorable Prime Minister. He has been at the helm of the Ministry of Finance and has allowed that to happen. When you have departments that have been managing billions of dollars and either cannot or refuse to balance their bank account I find that incredible. This housewife that is managing a few hundred dollars every month they balance their checkbooks and now you are telling me that these departments refuse to do that? That is unheard of and unacceptable that is why I have been saying that the new PUP government is going to ensure that we audit every department every year.