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Opposition Leader Disappointed but not Surprised at PM’s Response

In a press briefing today with PUP’s Party Leader, Francis Fonseca, we asked him what he had to say about Barrow’s remarks regarding the Castro situation.


“At least Mr. Barrow is being consistent.  That is the same thing he said when people were calling for the resignation of Pablo Marin as the Minister of Health, he basically said, “well, I don’t care about what is happening at the hospital; what’s important is that he’s winning Village Council elections in his area”.  Now he’s saying the same thing, “I don’t care what the evidence was in court, I don’t care that the fact showed that Mr. Castro was involved in a visa hustle. I don’t care because he just won a convention in Belize Rural North”.  I think that speaks volumes about Dean Barrow, it speaks volumes about the United Democratic Party, about his mindsets about where they are, the culture that exists in that party.  So, in a way we will continue to call for Castro’s head. We think he should go, we do not believe he should represent the United Democratic Party in Belize Rural North and certainly should not continue to be a Minister of State … but of course we don’t expect Mr. Barrow to heed those calls. As he reaffirmed last night and confirmed what he is concerned about and solely concerned about as Melvin Hulse also revealed to us on his tape, is politics.”

Burgess’ allegation is that Castro had taken money to recommend unknown Asian nationals to come to Belize.  Castro reportedly admitted to making the recommendations but did state that there was no money involved.