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Opposition Leader doubts government’s explanation on fuel matter

Last week news broke of fuel rationing in the country. This, according to reports is the result of government not paying outstanding bills. The oil tanker, Syrtos, is anchored off Belize’s coast unable to unload its shipment of fuel. While government, late on Sunday afternoon, issued a release debunking that allegation, today Opposition Leader John Briceno said it was a weak attempt at explaining the situation. Here is what he had to say about the situation.
John Briceno – Opposition Leader
“My sources are telling me that the Government owes as much as five shipments of fuel. If that is true I don’t know but this is what I am being told. I know the government issued a weak press release stating that it’s not their fault and that it is a problem with PDVSA and PUMA or whatever it is, well maybe it could be so because probably government pays PUMA and then PUMA pays PDVSA. So if the government is not paying PUMA then PDVSA is going to have problems with PUMA because they want to make sure that they get their money. The point is that we are rationing diesel right now, there are already some customers that cannot get diesel for their trucks and vehicles and to be able to do work. Diesel is used for the productive sector, our economy is already on its knees there was little to no growth last year this year we see the same and now when we continue to have these uncertainties it does not help it only makes the matter worse.”
“ My unverified reports are that PUMA has been sourcing fuel from Guatemala for the past five weeks, have you heard anything like that?”
John Briceno – Opposition Leader
“I don’t know if it’s for five weeks but I know that they have been sourcing fuel from Guatemala and that they are trying to source fuel from another source by ship that is what my source told me.”
“People who live along the western highway have seen the tankers coming in.”
John Briceno – Opposition Leader
“So it’s probably true but then it brings home the point that somebody is not paying somebody.”