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Opposition Leader – Government response weak on Guatemalan incursions

Briceno was also questioned about his party’s position on the recent events that have occurred at the western border, where Guatemalan soldiers entered Belize to make an arrest in Belizean territory.

John Briceno – Opposition Leader

“I saw the video and I’m quite disturbed that the Guatemalan Military are now becoming so brazen but that is simply I think that is the result of our government not having a proper plan as to how we are going to address this whole issue with the Belize Guatemala issue or the unfounded claim that Guatemala has over Belize. We have been alerting the government from last year that we need to change tactics as to how we are going to deal with Guatemala. We have been alerting to them about the issue of the Sarstoon, when we were pushing for a Sarstoon protocol and the protocol has always been that half of the river is for Guatemala and the other half is for us and that we have unimpeded access to the river. I believe the response from our government has been weak, it has not been aggressive enough they have not been out there internationally alerting our friendly counties or friends of Belize as to what really is happening on the ground or what is happening at the Sarstoon and I’m hoping and crying out to the Prime Minister- we need to take action and we need to take action now. We can’t continue to allow the Guatemalan military to aggress us the way they have and the only way we can do it is by being more aggressive in our campaign.”

The Opposition leader also spoke on the crime situation and other matters which we will look at in our subsequent newscasts.