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Opposition Leader Says Arzu Undeserving of Contract Renewal

One of the items on the agenda at today’s sitting was the reappointment of Lionel Arzu as Ombudsman. Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca rose to object to the reappointment, citing Arzu’s ineffectiveness in the post.


“We regrettably … this is not a motion that we can support on this side of the house. We wish to place on record that over the past few years that Mr.Arzu has served as the Ombudsman we have received and many of my colleagues have reported to me these complaints and concerns about the level of inactivity and ineffectiveness of the Office of the Ombudsman over the past few years. We are very concerned about that and some of that inactivity and ineffectiveness has been reflected in his very own reports coming out of his office. Our sense is, and its certainly not personal at all; we believe Mr.Arzu is a decent man but certainly our sense is that the public does not enjoy as Ombudsman the level of trust and confidence that his predecessors enjoyed.”

Arzu’s new term is for a period of one year.  Also Godwin Arzu was reappointed as the Contractor General for a two year term.