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Opposition Leader says Castro borthers must be held accountable for misdeeds

Yesterday Jafari Castro, son of UDP Minister Edmond Castro was arraigned on a charge of harm. Castro along with James Young and Gilbert Franklin who were also charged for harm, were released on a bail of one thousand five hundred dollars. They are accused of beating 21 year old Kevin Brown. This is not the first time that Jafari Castro has had a run in with the law. Weeks prior to the August 6 alleged assault in San Pedro, Castro and his brother Wasani were caught with a large quantity of contraband beer. Today PUP Leader John Briceno condemned the actions of the Castro brothers.


John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“How dare the Castro brothers continue to behave like that. One day they were attacking the police the following day they are caught with contraband beer we still don’t know how much it is that they paid for the 80 plus cases of contraband beer it would be interesting to find out. Did they pay the bare minimum or were they fined the cost plus four times the value of the beer and then you would have thought that after that they would try to behave. Here a few weeks later now they are accused of being in a brawl where we have a young man that was in coma or probably still is at the KHMH and to think that they believe that they can get away with it that for days the police are trying to find them and can’t find them and I guess because of the political pressure they finally went and gave themselves to the police. Again this is symptomatic of the UDP government, a government out of control.”


Castro, Franklin and Young are to reappear in court on October 18.